The Bear Valley Community Hospital (BVCH) Mom and Dad Project is Big Bearʼs ONLY parenting Education and Resource Center. We currently offer parenting classes beginning with Child Birth, and going all the way through parenting a teenager. The BVCH Mom and Dad Project offers Evidence Based Nurturing Parent Curriculum, including Nurturing Pre-Natal, Nurturing Father, Nurturing Teen Parents, and all other Nurturing Programs. We also offer Co-Parenting/Blended Families – parenting intended for families who are trying to parent after a separation, divorce, or a new marriage.

The BVCH Mom and Dad Project also houses a Resource Center where referrals can be made for Doctor and Dental appointments, food stamps, transportation vouchers, help with applying for C4 Yourself, car seats, diapers, and many other services. The BVCH Mom and Dad Project is currently the only center in Big Bear to have WIC services available Mondayʼs and Tuesdayʼs in Big Bear!

For more information, contact (909) 878-2326  or visit